Erasmus + School Education

We work with the staff of universities in different fields so that we can organise the courses according to the needs of the group. We organize a course minimum for 7 teachers/trainers. We determine the content of the course in collaboration with the sending institution. Courses are in English. We can organize a translator in your mother language during the training if your teachers are not well in English. You shall contact us for a translator before the mobility.

School Education Courses are organized in Antalya and Ankara.

Training needs of the participants may change according to the situation in their country. So we offer flexible courses by collaboration with sending institution. We design the training program together.

We think a mobility as a cultural experience so we organize cultural activities for our guests. We also organize your accommodation according to your requests. Please contact us for further details.

You can contact to for your questions about school education opportunities.






Classroom Management By Transactional Analysis


Determination of Students Who are Under Risk of Domestic Violence



Prevention of Cyber bullying


Social Inclusion of Migrants to the Education



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