Coaching and Mentoring



Coaching and mentoring is a conversational activity that aims to support people to learn and develop, therefore enhancing their ability to achieve more of their untapped potential.  Coaching is not only about teaching--it is mostly about creating the environment in which students can learn for themselves by connecting with their natural curiosity. Educators have also task of providing students with 21st century skills and engaging them in learning process. Each student has different capabilities and needs.


Training course aims to empower teachers and school administrators by providing them with coaching and mentoring abilities. By this way They will be able to to overcome arising challenges when current experences can’t meet the needs.


Target Audience

Teachers from all levels

Standard Program


  • Introduction and ice-breaking
  • Needs analysis,
  • What is Mentoring?
  • The Concept of Mentoring


  • Roles of Mentor
  • Characteristics of Mentor
  • Mentoring and Leadership
  • Principles of Mentoring System
  • Establishment of Mentorship Relationship
  • Grow Method / Specific-Measurable-Accepted-Realistic-Time



  • Creating Smart Targets
  • Fundamentals of Mentoring
  • Situational Leadership in Mentoring
  • Ethical Decision Making in Mentoring
  • Mentoring Skills
  • How to mentor
  • What mentoring is not
  • Self management
  • Effective orientation (mind mapping)
  • Activate mentee
  • Asking strong questions



  • Encourage
  • Ensuring Efficiency in Mentoring
  • Keeping mentee active
  • Ensuring focus
  • Ethical Dimension of Mentoring
  • Why are ethical rules necessary?
  • Aims of ethical rules



  • Tools of Mentoring
  • Circle of Life
  • Use of metaphors
  •  Space for discussion of future cooperation and planning follow up activities
  • Summary and course evaluation
  • Feedback & certificates
  • Cultural excursion


Note: We organize cultural tours according to the demands of the group.

Note 2: We are flexible on making changes on the program according the demands of the group. This is a standard 1-week course. We can reduce it to 2 days and increase to 2 weeks.