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Anatolia Mobility

Anatolia Mobility

Anatolia Mobility

Anatolia Mobility is an intermediate organization serving Erasmus+ mobilities in Turkey. Anatolia Mobility has a huge network of VET institutions, enterprises, workplaces, NGO’s, employer organizations in Turkey.



Anatolia Mobility has 3 offices in 3 provinces, namely Ankara, Antalya and Muğla. Ankara is the capital and second largest city in Turkey. Our Head Office is in Ankara. Ankara is developed in industrial sectors with many industrial zones.


With a population of over 2 million, Antalya is the most important touristic cities in Turkey with their various historical and natural places. An important destination for service sectors.


Muğla is another destination for the service sector and the agricultural sectors.


Anatolia Mobility has an extensive experience since 2019 at hosting trainees and staff under job training, job shadowing, structured curses in Turkey.



Anatolia Mobility is aware of that a training activity has a cultural dimension and we want to show you Turkish hospitality. It is the participant's process of self-discovery. You can discover Turkey with this experience.



We offer internship activities, on-the-job training and structured courses at the best prices and incredible services. You can see the services.