Erasmus + Vocational Education

  • Job Placements
    We have an extensive network that we are in contact as hosting partner. Municipalities, hotels, restaurants, care centres, retail companies, construction companies, hospitals are members of this network. We can find any job workplace for job placement according to your needs. We have a team for establishing contact with companies and organize best job placement opportunity for our guests. We are in contact with our partners at all levels. Some of the host partners are employers over 1000 employees, so we shall establish links with the host partner at the top, medium or low level to organize the best job placement opportunity for our guests. Our major partner is Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. You can see some of our partners at VET Partners part of the website.

    We use this network for hosting the internship and job shadowing for our guests from Europe. Anatolia Mobility can host VET learners and accompanying staff for two weeks or more in the following fields in Antalya:

    Graphic Design
    Journalism and Information
    Business and Administration
    Accounting and Taxation
    Marketing and Advertisement
    Secretarial and office Work
    Finance banking and Insurance
    Wholesales and Retail Sales
    Information and Communication Technologies
    Electricity and Energy
    Electronics and Automation
    Mechanics and Metal
    Motor Vehicles
    Food Processing
    Agriculture and Gardening
    Care of People with Disabilities
    Care of Children
    Care of Elderly People and Geriatrics
    Hair and Beauty
    Hotel accommodation
    Cooking, Restaurants and Cafe
    Travel Tourism and Leisure
    Transport Services
    Renewable Energy
    If you need another job training opportunity please contact to us. We can find you suitable workplace by means of our huge network.


    Transfer to and from the airport;
    Full board accommodation;
    Introduction seminar;
    Work orientation sessions;*
    Cultural activities;*
    Tutoring and mentoring;
    Monitoring and evaluation;
    Europass Mobility.
    Work orientation sessions* – they are usually carried out during morning hours. The exact amount of hours per day will be decided in collaboration with the sending institution and the accompanying staff; however, it is normal practice for VET learners to have 3-4 hours work sessions per week day.

    Cultural activities** – there will be minimum one cultural trip during a two week period mobility for VET learners & staff.

    Learner mobility

    VET traineeship (Job training-Internship)– VET learners can take part in a job training abroad lasting up to 12 months. They can spend time in a workplace to gain experience or at a VET center. The duration of the traineeship placement can be between two weeks and twelve months.
    Staff mobility

    Staff training (Job Shadowing)– staff can undertake professional development opportunities in the form of a work placement or job shadowing/observation period abroad in an enterprise or other VET organisation.
    You can visit Services part for further information or contact us.

Contact to for further questions about VET job placements or job shadowing.