Determination of Students Who are Under Risk of Domestic Violence


Children who live in homes where there is domestic violence grow up in an environment that is unpredictable, filled with tension and anxiety. This can lead to significant emotional and psychological trauma. Teachers at primary and secondary school level have an important role on detection and prevention of children who are under risk of domestic violence.

The course aims to introduce participants about role of education staff on determination and prevention of domestic violence. Course includes case studies and use interactive methods.

Target Audience

Teachers from primary and secondary schools

Standard Program

First day:

Types of Domestic Violence and its broad definition. Physiological, sexual, psychological, witness violence and its effects on students

Negative effects of domestic violence on student


The second day

Factors Increasing the Risk of Domestic Violence

Symptoms of Domestic Violence on Student Behaviour

Determination of Domestic Violence

Detection of fictitious domestic violence events using the Participants' Direct Detection Forms through Case Study


The third day

Communicating and Providing Psychological Support to Students at Risk of Domestic Violence

Communicating with the Parent of the Student at Risk of Domestic Violence. (Some parents may not be aware that what they are doing is psychological violence.)

Transfer of Experienced Experiences


Fourth day

Detection of Domestic Violence in Vulnerable Groups at Risk of Domestic Violence (Especially Disabled People)


Fifth day:

Detection of Domestic Violence through Event Studies (Detection of domestic violence through different case studies


Note: We organize cultural tours according to the demands of the group.

Note 2: We are flexible on making changes on the program according the demands of the group. This is a standard 1-week course. We can reduce it to 2 days and increase to 2 weeks.