Manavgat Municipality

Manavgat Municipality


Manavgat Municipality is one of the district municipalities in Antalya province. It has totally 2000 staff. Manavgat District has 230.000 population and Manavgat is a tourism city. It offers municipality services in coordination with Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. Manavgat Municipality can offer job training at its departments:


Technical Works Department:

Responsible of all technical works under the responsibility of Manavgat Municipality. Municipality has totally 165 vehicles including trucks, cars, heavy equipment. Repairment of these vehicles made by Technical Works Department. Department has asphalt production Unit for asphalt works of Municipality. Electric and Mechanic Unit is responsible of all electric and mechanic Maintenance of the infrastructure. Department had approximately 100 million budget at 2018. It has also construction works for buildings.


Parks and Gardens Arrangement Department:

Department has 56 vehicles and 20 IT equipment and 32 staff. Department responsible of arrangement of several parks and gardens inside Manavgat District. Department also responsible of flower, tree and bush production. Produced 370.000 flowers and 75000 bush and trees and 75000 other types of plants and 217 trashcan, 28 playgrounds, 358 benchs as outside furniture, 16 picnic desks, 29 arbours, and made 17250 m2 stone block pavement in year 2018.


Cleaning Services:

Department has 121 vehicles for cleaning services. Responsible of garbage collection and cleaning.


Public Health Department:

Responsible of control of the food related companies from the aspect of health and also manages an animal house.


IT Department:

responsible of software and hardware work in Municipality including web site.


Social Market:

It is a retail shop for poor people. They buy their needs with the cards given by Municipality. Social market has inventory management and good opportunity for job training on retailing.


Business and Administration

Accounting and Taxation

Secretarial and Office Work

Wholesales and Retail Sales

Information and Communication Technologies

Electricity and Energy

Mechanics and Metal


Agriculture and Gardening