Konyaaltı Municipality

Konyaaltı Municipality




There are 29 neighborhoods and 10 villages within the borders of Konyaaltı Municipality. Its population is 199,604 people. (December 2021) It has 1,220 personnel, including workers and civil servants. Mayor is Mr. Semih Esen. Elected on March 31, 2019. There are 5 vice presidents and 23 units affiliated with them. (Law, Police, Human Resources, Construction, IT Directorate, Cultural and Social Affairs, Nursery, Press and Public Relations, Financial Services, Editorial Affairs, Environmental Protection and Cleaning, Veterinary, Parks and Gardens, Health, Sports etc.) Konyaaltı Municipality's 2022 budget is 280 million TL.


Technical Works Department

Many infrastructures in Konyaaltı District. Asphalt, curb stones, this department makes drainage systems. They have several types of machines. It has a vehicle mechanic Service. Iron and metal works Service. Also responsible for elevator licensure. Produces different containers containers and other iron works.


Cleaning Department:

All cleaning services of Konyaaltı District are made by this department.


Stray Animals Health, Rehabilitation and Veterinary Center


It is a quiet, well-maintained and extremely clean rehabilitation center in the Çakırlar District, among the orange groves, in touch with nature. It provides service in a wide area and has 20 employees. They provided stray animals within the borders of Konyaaltı Municipality with care, treatment, rehabilitation, sterilization and vaccination. To provide food and water containers to designated points in the city. It is open to the public to visit, citizens can adopt animals here.

Location: https://g.page/konyaaltisokakhayvanlari?share


KONSEM Art and Training Center:

KONSEM organizes several types of art courses including painting, foreign language, ceramics, music, beauty, decoration, photography, yoga, plates, archery, dancing, fitness.


Parks and Gardening Department:

160 parks, gardens or buildings are an under the responsibility of this department. Department is also responsible for 30 different sports facilities. They make construction, maintenance and repairmen. Parks and Gardening Department has a greenhouse and grows several types of plants.


Restaurant and Cafe

Hayat Park, which has an area of 117 decares, includes a restaurant, cafe, jogging track, tennis courts, children's playgrounds and many other structures. Emekli Kahvesi is a cafe that is special for elderly people. 



Municipality has 2 kindergartens. Uncalı Kindergarten, Gürsu Kindergarten. There are totally 100 children and 30 staff at these kindergartens.



IT Department

IT department provides services with 20 people, including 2 software developers, 4 office and administrative staff, and 12 hardware technicians. Naturally, the assembly, maintenance and repair of materials such as computers, servers, network, camera systems, hardware and software etc. used in the municipality and this unit carries its affiliated institutions out. Municipality uses 38 different software programs and has a website.


Graphic Design

Business and Administration

Secretarial and Office Work

Information and Communication Technologies


Electricity and Energy

Motor Vehicles


Agriculture and Gardening



Care of Children

Care of Elderly People and Geriatry

Hair and Beauty

Hotel Accommodation

Cooking, Restaurants and Cafe