Antalya Metropolitan Municipality

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality



Metropolitan Municipality has 669 vehicles and rents 713 773 vehicles. Moreover has several different machines including mower, tractor excavator tipper truck. All these vehicles are repaired at the repair centers of municipality.



Metropolitan Municipality has its own information software applications. IT department is responsible of developing new softwares, and update these softwares. Municipality uses 46 different softwares including GIS, vehicle tracking systems, document information systems, fault notification systems. IT department is responsible of web site that services in Turkish, English Russian and German languages.


IT department has some work on hardware of the municipality uses. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has approximately 2500 computers and 900 network devices ( switch, modem, router) and other hardware like printers, scanners etc. It department is responsible of all these hardware.



Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is responsible of the green fields that are bigger than 30.000 m2 in Antalya province. Metropolitan Municipality has several greenhouses for growing necessary plants that will be used at these parks and roads. Gürsu Plant Nursery, Hurma Plant Nursery are main plant growing facilities of Municipality.


Zoo and Animal House

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has a zoo and an animal house.


Electric Works

There are some departments who are responsible of electric infrastructure of the different campuses of municipality. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has 4210 different real estates in Antalya province and 1 telpher line. Electric Department is responsible of all the tasks related to electric infrastructure.


Solar Energy:

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has 2 solar energy plants with;

4100 unit 260 Wp Solar Panels

41 unit 25 KW invertor

1 800 kVA transformer and 1 630 kVA transformer

13 Junction Panel


Produces 1.377.000 KWh electric.


Geriatrics and Elderly Care:

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has 2 geriatric care centers with capacity of 62 and 45. Municipality employs doctors, psychologists, carers, nurses and administration staff.


Childcare and Kindergartens:

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has 2 kindergartens. They care children between 3-6 years old. Totally they have 84 children in 2018. These kindergartens organizes several activities with children. There are approximately 30 staff in these kindergartens.


Care Centers for People with Disability:

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has 8 different centers for caring people wtih disabilities. IN these centers they organize courses, activities for these people. They work in corporation with disability NGO’S. Municipality has also a rehabilitation center for people with disabilities. This center has 26.000 m2 open filed and 14.000 m2 confined space 48 classrooms 5 physiotherapy rooms, hydrotherapy pool, 13 workshops, 1 sport center, 1 cafeteria for 400 people, 1 library and 1 greenhouse for therapy of people wtih disabilities. There are 251 people wtih disability who are trained in this center. There are approximately 80 staff in this rehabilitation centers. Municipality offers job trainings at rehabilitation center and 8 different disability centers.


Meal Centers

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has a meal center. We cook meals for disadvantaged groups and distribute these meals to these groups. (elderly people, people with disabilities, poor people) Municipality has 3 main meal centers. These are Antalya Meal Center, Alanya Tosmur Meal Center and mobile meal center. Meal centers had cooked for 2152 people daily in 2018.



Metropolitan Municipality has 3 dormitories for university students. Municipality gives hotel services at these dormitories.


People Training Centers:

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has 31 course centers for different types of courses as vocational courses, hobby courses etc. It is a good opportunity for different types of education job training




Marketing and Advertisement

Secretarial and office Work

Information and Communication Technologies

Electricity and Energy

Electronics and Automation

Mechanics and Metal

Motor Vehicles

Agriculture and Gardening


Care of Disableds

Care of Children

Care of Elderly People and Geriatry

Hotel accommodation

Transport Services

Renewable Energy