Alanya Municipality

ALANYA Municipality

Alanya Municipality is one of the district municipalities in Antalya province and it is a tourism city with 285407 population. Municipality has 498 vehicles and 68 buildings in Alanya. Alanya Municipality employs 611 staff for different purposes.

Mobile Health Services

Municipality provides mobile health service to the people who need(elderly people, people with mobility disabilities)

Technical Works Department:

This department responsible of all infrastructure related works in alanya Municipality including construction, electric, sanitary system etc.


Municipality is responsible of several parks and green fields in Alanya district. Municipality has a greenhouse in 3200 m2 and 8500 m2 garden for growing some trees, flowers or plants.


IT Services

Municipality has 781 IT equipment. 284 of them are computers, 49 of them notebooks, 179 of them printers, 10 of them are servers. All computers use 200 Mbit metro Ethernet system. IT service is responsible all hardware and network works of this system.

Alanya Municipality uses 56 different software applications. There are software experts for maintenance of these software applications. Web site is designed by this service too.


Animal House:

Alanya Municipality has an animal house fort he pets who are abandoned by their owners. Animal house is capable to care 350 dogs and 150 cats

Solar Energy Plants

Municipality has 3 solar energy plant Alanya GES 1, Alanya GES 2, Alanya GES 3. These plants are established with capacity 1020kWp, 1020kWp, 944kWp


Electronics and Automation

Secretarial and Office Work

Information and Communication Technologies

Electricity and Energy

Mechanics and Metal

Motor Vehicles


Agriculture and Gardening



Cooking, Restaurants and Cafe

Travel Tourism and Leisure

Renewable Energy