Effective Classroom Management Skills


For better teaching, Teachers shouls act as better managers. As a teacher, you not only have to be thoroughly knowledgeable in the subject you’re handling, you also need to know how to control a class and maintain discipline and order in it. In short, to be a good teacher, you also need the following classroom management skills.

Target Audience

Teachers from all levels

Standard Program


  • Introduction and ice-breaking
  • Needs analysis,
  • Importance of Effective Classroom Management



  • -Main classroom management Skills
  • - Authority
  • - Knowledge
  • - Individualization
  • - Time-management
  • - Patience
  • -Cultural Exercusion



  • Effective Classroom Management Strategies
  • Write Down the Rules
  • Let Students Help
  • Encourage Questioning
  • Effective Classroom Management Strategies
  • Let Students Lead
  • Encourage Group Projects


  • Student-Centered Techniques
  • Fostering Collaboration
  • Techniques that increase motivation and creativity
  • Flipped Classroom



  • -Role plays and case studies on Effective Classroom Management Strategies
  • - Space for discussion of future cooperation and planning follow up activities
  • - Summary and course evaluation
  • - Feedback & certificates
  • - Cultural excursion


Note: We organize cultural tours according to the demands of the group.

Note 2: We are flexible on making changes on the program according the demands of the group. This is a standard 1-week course. We can reduce it to 2 days and increase to 2 weeks.